Saturday, April 18, 2015

Should You Have a List of What You Want Your Future Husband to be?

It's more important to try and be yourself  what you want your future husband to be. Because you will most likely attract someone with the same values as you. For example, if you want a hardworking guy and you're lazy, you won't attract a hardworking guy. If you want a guy who is unselfish, he won't choose you if you are very selfish! If you want a guy who is active in serving God, the guy you're looking for will want a wife who is the same. So I would suggest you write a list, and then apply it to yourself.
It is important to want a good guy. It should matter to you what he is like. But the most important thing is for him to love the Lord and to be honorable. He needs to be someone you can respect.
If I had written a long list of what I wanted my future husband to be, I would have been a bit disappointed or I would still be single!! But my husband loves God and is someone I can respect. That is what's important. God's priorities are often different to ours.
Also, God knows what kind of man you need and what guy needs you. And it's probably different than what you think! :)
Pray for God to give you a husband who loves God and ask God to show you who that one is. There is only one for you! And pray that God will make you into what you want your husband to be.

I heard one pastor say "There are some woman who can't find a man because the man that they're looking for died on the cross and ascended to the right hand of the Father and there's not another one like Him."
There are no perfect guys out there. If there were, none of them would want to marry imperfect females like us!! But there are guys out there who live for God and who are respectable.

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