Tuesday, May 5, 2015

How should a girl prepare for marriage?

1) Learn skills.
 Cooking, driving, gardening/yard work, looking after children etc.
Cooking is a big one! It's best to learn as much as possible before you are married, as once you are married meal planning becomes a big daily responsibility.
You don't want your husband to be like the newly wed guy who said, "My wife really worships me. She puts before me three burnt offerings every day!" :)


2) Learn to keep a tidy room/house.
It's one thing to have a bedroom to keep in order, but it's another thing to have a whole house to look after. It's good to learn to keep your room clean and tidy and then it won't be so overwhelming when you have a whole house. Also, I can assure you, your husband will appreciate coming home to a clean orderly house!

3) Keep your heart for your man.

When you are married, you will have to stay faithful to your man. But if you are used to switching boyfriends regularly and flirting with anyone, how will you stay true to your man? God only has one man for you, so why not keep your heart pure until He shows you the right one?

4) Respect your father and/or any other authority in your life.

If you don't respect your father now, you probably won't respect your husband. Your father has much more experience than your future husband, so if you can't respect your father for his rules, authority and decisions, you won't respect your husband with his little experience/wisdom. Even though he isn't perfect and makes mistakes sometimes, respect him. Your husband won't be perfect either!

5) Learn to be content and thankful.

If you're not happy and fulfilled as a single woman, you won't be content as a wife either. You will not automatically become fulfilled once you are married.
Also, if you learn to be content and not covetous, you will be a big blessing to your husband as you will help save money!

6) Start praying for him.

As a wife, you'll need to pray for your husband that he will make the right decisions as he leads the family. Why not get in the habit now? All young guys need a lot of prayer! Even if you never marry, I don't believe your prayers will be wasted.

7) Make a list of all you want your husband to be, then learn to be that yourself.

It's easy to have expectations and yet not come close to meeting them ourselves. If you learn to be what you want your husband to be, you'll attract the type of husband you want.

8) Learn how guys think.

Males and females think very differently! If you learn how he thinks and what he needs, then you will be a better and happier wife!! Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus is a good book to learn how men think.

9) Study the Bible to see what God says to women.
What does the Bible say about how girls/women should live and act? What does God expect from wives? Why not find out?

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