Monday, January 4, 2016

Is Dating Wrong?

Is Dating Wrong? (dating Christian guys)
It's not wrong to go on a date with someone. But...I strongly discourage it.
Here are 9 reasons why I discourage dating.
(By dating, I mean having relationships with guys you have no intention of marrying--Dating for the fun of it. It's different when your purpose is marriage)

1)It's a waste of time
The time spent going on dates could be spent doing something profitable—serving God. Maybe you will learn lessons from broken relationships, but you don't have to learn the hard way! What's the purpose of dating anyway? Is it really using your time wisely?

2)It can lead to doing things you will regret.
Dating can lead to sin.
3) Most guys will become someone else's husband.
If you could choose between a guy whose been out with tons of girls and a guy who has waited for the right one, which one would you choose? Which type of girl do you think a good Christian guy would prefer? Do you really want to go out with someone else's future husband?

4) It doesn't prepare you for marriage.
God only has One person for you. If you are used to having lots of relationships before marriage, it will be harder for you to stay faithful to your One man after marriage. What will stop you from leaving when/if you don't feel like loving him anymore? Keep your heart for the one person God has for you.

5)It's really not necessary.
You don't have to date in order to find a husband. God is much bigger than that.
I have never dated anyone other than my husband! It's possible for you to find the right man without going on a single date with anyone else.
Ask God to bring the right person across your path at the right time, and get busy living for God and making the most of your single years.

6)It can bring a lot of hurt.
You might really like someone you date, but that person may not be serious about you and start dating someone else. Surely broken relationships must hurt!
7)It's more difficult to stay pure.
Going on dates bring temptation that could be avoided.

8) Once you are married, you will have the rest of your life to date!
You will be able to date your special man as much as you like! Why not wait for that special one?

 A recent date--celebrating our 6th year Wedding Anniversary
9)God created marriage not dating.
God created a wife for Adam not a girlfriend! And He only created one! The right one. The idea of dating many different people is not Biblical. But marriage is.

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