Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Are you Prolife?

Yes, definitely!
I believe God is the Giver of life and He is the only One who has the right to take it.
One of the Ten Commandments is "Thou shalt not kill," and I can't see the difference between killing a 12 week old baby inside the womb and a 12 week old baby after it's been born. 
I don't believe a parent has the right to choose if their baby will live or not.
I heard a parent talking about her abortion who felt her baby stop moving when it was aborted. I really don't know how she doesn't see that as murder. It's not just a pregnancy she's ending, it's a baby's life.
In saying that, something happened 2 yrs ago that gave me much more understanding for women who make that choice. While I still believe it's wrong, I can understand why some women don't want to face the challenges and difficulties that baby will bring. If I had believed that abortion was simply a choice, I'm sure I also would have chosen that path.
I am so thankful I was taught that it is not our choice to make. You see, I had a little girl with Down Syndrome and a combination of heart problems. She spent half of her first year in hospital, had open heart surgery and has had many health issues.
While the health side of it has been difficult and I never would have chosen it, it has been so good for me and we have the sweetest happiest little girl in our home. We would have missed out on so much joy if we had chosen for her not to live.
The right thing to do is always the best thing to do!

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