Friday, December 16, 2016

What helped you have a meaningful and real relationship with Jesus Christ?

The two most important things that have helped me are Bible reading and prayer--having my own walk with God. I like to have a notebook/journal and sometimes write down verses, things I learn or specific prayers. I try to read the Bible as if it was written just for me and look for what I can learn from it and apply to my life. When I find a verse or a passage hard to understand, I sometimes read it in the Living Bible which is very easy to understand. I also like to underline special verses in the Bible as it makes my Bible more personal and verses easier to find.
And then prayer--talking to God about everything really. Prayer makes God more real.
Its also helped me to read Christian devotional books and other Christian books, listen to good Christian music and watch good dvds.
For a few years, I taught Sunday School which was really good for me as it made me dig into the Bible and learn lessons that I could teach very simply.
I am also blessed to have parents, siblings and friends who have real relationships with God and who are open to talk to.
 Christian camps and conferences that I've been to over the years were helpful.
There are many things that have helped me in my relationship with God, but the most important is definately time alone with Him.

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